Wireless Network Deployment

Do you need to cover a large area with wireless connectivity? Our team can perform a detailed analysis to determine the proper network setup for optimal coverage. Trust SkyComm for your next wireless network project.

SkyComm specialises in Wireless Network Deployment.

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How Does SkyComm Deploy Wireless Networks?

There’s nothing worse than a spotty or ineffective wireless network. You require consistent, secure connectivity throughout your facilities so users can access company resources and work efficiently without interruption. SkyComm specialises in exactly that—deploying rock-solid wireless connectivity at an affordable price. Whether you’re a small, growing business that requires one access point, or a large enterprise with multiple locations or an extensive coverage area—we’ll execute a top-quality solution.

Network and Protocol Analysis, Wireless Network Monitor Services and More

  • Wireless Network Architecture and Deployment
  • Coverage Analysis and Remediation
  • Wireless Security Auditing and Hardening
  • Large-Scale Enterprise Wireless Mesh

Be more productive with continuous connectivity.