IT Support for Mining & Construction industry

SkyComm has significant experience in providing IT services to mining, industrial and construction sectors. We provide all manner of IT support for you and your staff, whether it is asisting with catastrophic IT events or everyday IT concerns and network administration.

Stop settling for mediocre, unresponsive IT Support. Your business deserves a trustworthy IT Company that puts YOUR needs first. Make the switch to SkyComm today.

We have few branches in Perth, downtime is very expensive for our company. We completely outsourced our IT Support to SkyComm several years ago, and we haven’t look back. Their team not only provides exceptional technical support to our staff, but also makes reasonable recommendations and proactively helps us to make effective IT decisions. Thumbs up!

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What do we offer?

You need an IT Company that actively manages your IT infrastructure, delivers exceptional support to your end-users, and engages you as a business partner, ensuring your making effective and timely technology decisions. With our Managed IT Services, Preemo takes over full responsability for your IT, with around the clock monitoring, preventative maintenance and proactive IT solutions. And we do this for a fixed monthly price; no more surprising invoices or unexpected expenses.

We managed your IT so you can focus on growing your business.

What can you expect?

  • Peace Of Mind – Around-the-clock monitoring to ensure consistent uptime.
  • Less Downtime – We’ll anticipate failures before they happen, and proactively resolve them so they don’t affect your business.
  • Fewer Disruptions – Maintenance services can be performed remotely, and overnight, so you can focus on your business, not on IT.
  • Predictable Budgeting – Our all-inclusive unlimited IT services are fixed price so you’ll pay the same amount each month.
  • Leverage Technology Better – We’ll provide insight as to how to improve your systems so your business is always on top.

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Count on SKYCOMM to solve your IT headaches with proactive IT solutions.