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Managed IT in Health & Dental Fields

There is a sizable shift currently under way in the health care field, moving away from paper files (and all they represent) and joining the wider world of technology.

Although it is a field that depends on technological innovations for most of its practice, health care has been way behind the eight ball in utilizing technology for the administration of those practices. A health care practitioner may utilize a multi-million dollar diagnostic machine on a patient’s case, and then that patient’s chart may be largely hand-written.

A hand-written patient chart is just the tip of the iceberg, symbolic of the lag between available technology and the actual use of that technology in the health care field. In addition to the heavy load of work and documentation already required of workers in this field, there are increasing obligations being placed on them.

Most health care providers now need patient data bases that are user-friendly for the team in the office (nurses or dental hygienists, doctors or dentists, billing departments and records, etc.) but also fully compliant with patient privacy laws.

One of the greatest challenges for the health care field in utilizing and integrating technology is finding the appropriate balance between usability (integrating access and utilization by appropriate personnel) and HIPPA (Health Insurance Privacy and Portability Act) restrictions protecting patients’ privacy.

Additionally, a technological challenge unique to the health care field is the idea of patient records being transferrable or shareable among different healthcare departments who may be working together or in tandem to address a given patient’s various health issues.

Complications Arising out of Decentralized Approach

Recent market analyses of technological use in the health care field serve to highlight the specific challenges faced by health care providers with regards to the application of IT.

Without an outsourced Managed IT solution, health care providers will find themselves facing the restrictions of their limited expertise in-house, the ever-increasing demand for integrated systems and solutions, changing government mandates, privacy concerns, demands to lower the costs associated with health care, and many other technology-related concerns.

If these challenges and problems are not treated, together, as symptoms of a larger challenge, health care providers will find themselves unable to operate within the constraints of legal mandates, financial restrictions, patient expectations, or basic business practices.

Without centralized Managed Information Technology, a health care provider can not be assured of developing business processes that are cost effective; handling tasks and logistics; reconciling accounting and patient privacy; balancing budgets or inventory of supplies, equipment, and pharmaceuticals; or even meeting the burdens of basic health care administration. To streamline and relieve the burden, a centralized approach to information technology is needed.

And the Consequences May be Disastrous

Given the obvious need for centralized and Managed IT solutions in the field of health care, it is alarming to note that the industry has a severe shortage of qualified and properly positioned IT staff.

The field is consistently short of this particular talent pool—rendering the health care field, as a whole, incapable of keeping abreast of even the bare minimal technological problem solving needed to keep the industry functioning, and patients protected.

To that alarming statistic, add the gravity of any error in the health care field. Where other industries might be facing “worst-case scenarios” on the level of a lawsuit, errors in the health care industry can leave people disabled or dead. The worst-case scenarios are far more disastrous, because the subject matter being administered by the IT system holds the keys to people’s actual lives and well-being.

In other words, this is not an industry with room for error. This is not an industry that has an “acceptable” error rate if an IT system should crash or get leaked.

How Managed IT Services Can Come to Your Rescue

More than almost any other field, the field of health care requires an approach to IT that also guarantees and protects the privacy of patients whose personal information is contained among the records of the business.

For every aspect of technological business management, skycomm.com.au stands at the ready to assist a health care provider with a wide array of IT services:

  • IT Support—Technological support may range from trouble-shooting at an individual work station to problem-solving at the network-wide level. There is no greater comfort than having experienced Problem Solvers just a phone call away at any time.
  • Managed IT Services—Ongoing management of a health care provider’s infrastructure and system technology is critical to operations. Ongoing Managed IT Services can help prevent many of the problems and crises that might otherwise become “emergency” IT calls!
  • Network Design—Whatever the specific health services provided, a provider’s network must be designed to support its ongoing operations and run smoothly within the parameters of those operations.
  • Business VoIP Services—As health care providers move forward into smoother technology solutions, phone lines are becoming a thing of the past. Voice-over-IP solutions are both affordable and secure, and can simplify communications while cutting costs.
  • Cloud Services—Whether the health care provider is looking at storage of patient files, inventory of pharmaceuticals, patient records, employee files, shared documents, or any of the other myriad operations supporting the overall practice, cloud storage is effective and flexible.
  • Web Design—These days, customers and patients expect almost instantaneous information and communication, so the website of a practice may be the single most important interaction with potential clients.

Choosing a reliable Managed IT Service is not at all difficult! Grab your phone and call us at AAAAAAAAAAA and we’ll be happy to schedule your appointment with one of our most experienced Relationship Managers, who will drop by your business address to give you a no-obligation live demo of how we can make all the difference!