Backup & Business Continuity

How is your data protect? You need an effective backup solution to secure your valuable information, and ensure you can quickly recover from any kind of IT disaster. SkyComm can architect a proper solution, implement it, and then provide ongoing support.

SkyComm specialises in backup solutions & business continuity.

We finally have a proper backup system at our office! Thanks to SkyComm.  We are so pleased with their exceptional support.

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What are SkyComm's Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions?

What’s the cost of not having disaster recovery services? Technology failures happen and just like a natural disaster, you must have a continuity plan. Your data needs to be properly backed up—both on premise at your place of business and off-site in a cloud environment. Additionally, you’ll need to test backups regularly. SkyComm’s team will help you architect the right backup solution, implement it properly with monitoring and notifications and resolve issues as they occur.

What backup and disaster recovery services does SKyComm provide?

  • File and Image Level Backup Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Documentation
  • Hard Drive Recovery and Catastrophe Remediation
  • Sanbox Backup Testing and Verification

Find out where your vulnerabilities are before they cause any damage.