Is your Genie Freezing when opening PDF Files?

If your reading this i bet you have Genie Freezing when opening PDF Files

Blog post wont be for everyone.  with this in mind im not going to push it out onto social media. (Don’t want to bore you all.)

If you have found this page though you might find it helpful….

Anyone in the Medical IT Services and Support industry in Perth Australia seems to uses one of a few pieces of software… The most common among my clients is Genie Solutions.


At the time of writing 17-Jan-2017 the current version of Genie is 8.8.9. However the Genie freezing when opening PDF files and crashing issue has been around for a while. If its happened to you, you know what i mean. The User is clicking around in the letter part of Genie then all of a sudden freezes and goes grey.  If your lucky Genie crashing nicely. More often then not only leaving the good old control alt delete to get you out of it.. I believe this is because Genie technically only supports a very old version of adobe reader. I believe its version 9 dot something but i could be wrong.

We all know UN-patched software like adobe and Java are some of the common exploits used with virus and malware. I Believe it should be fixed to work with newer version but it doesn’t.. If it is updated ether by Managed Services software (if you forgot to exclude it) or by users seeing the popup can cause Genie Freezing when opening PDF files … Even if you uninstall adobe and reinstall the correct version it seem to persist and drive the user bonkers….

So how do we make your users happy. OK the solution is simple….


  1. Uninstall Adobe reader (might want to let the users know first)
  2. install foxit pdf reader.
  3. i find a little changing of the menu options helps makes it menus a little less intrusive.. (or else it can take up to much space)

thats it Foxit pdf reader although not quite as elegant seems to handle genie a lot nicer then adobe dose. I’m still not sure why uninstall the newer adobe reader and installing the old version dosn’t work but at least now you can have patched software and one less software opening your network up to the mean old hackers…

If you would like any help with this issues please feel free to Contact US today.