Hi Everyone

Just noticing some changes with this months firmware update that I cant find any information anywhere about.

I’m guessing when we all purchased the Surface book we got a little annoying that it used both batteries at the same time. So when we wanted to use a tablet we have about an hour of battery life… well without any confirmation I’m am noticing this looks like it has changed.

Now I know this is a very short test And I’ll keep watching it but it looks like they have made this change. and I for one am very happy……

One this I did as I no most firmware updates that involve battery changes I deleted the batteries out of device manager then rebooted and reset the default balance power mode back to default.


if there is anyone else out that can u confirm you are seeing this too..  I’m also interested in testing (and will soon) if you use it in tablet mode say down to 90% will it then change it back up on the other battery. I do doute it will but worth a try.


How the surface uses power now has changed well at least on my device. It now uses battery 1 to about 40% before starting in on battery 2..