Just a heads up – if you receive an email from Paypal, claiming that your account has been limited and need to be re- activated or your account is expired. DO NOT click the link or attachment as doing so it will probably corrupt whatever device you are viewing it on.

The email looks to be genuine but it is in fact a VIRUS.

According to Paypal official: Genuine Paypal emails always include your name as part of the greeting. Eg : “Dear John” or Dear John Smith”.

The fake emails only have the greeting as “Dear”, – no name included.

If you receive an email claiming to be from PayPal and you’re not sure, you can click “reply” and check the reply email address. If it doesn’t end in, it’s likely to be phishing, or your can report suspicious e-mail to paypal: (They will let you know if it’s genuine or not)

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